Everyone says that to be a good photographer, you need a good camera. And a good lens, a good monitor and good software.

But how many experts suggest that what you really need are good ideas?

Don't get me wrong! I love buying new equipment, but I've never taken a great photograph without first having had a great idea. It's ideas and inspiration that will set our photography apart, not equipment which everyone else can buy!

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My ideas have come from reading (and writing) magazines. Sometimes I’m reading another magazine, often I’m interviewing a photographer for my own Better Photography magazine. These are ideas I would never have thought about on my own.

I'd never type these ideas into Google because they're simply not on my radar - and that for me is the brilliance of magazines. It takes only one idea, one connection or one image to give you the inspiration for an entirely new direction, a special technique or a new concept.

Years ago in Better Photography magazine, I wrote a book review on Creative Elements: Landscape Photography written by Eddie Ephraums. His book featured Eddie's remarkable photography, printed in a way I hadn't seen before. On the first page of each chapter, he showed the original photo and then opposite was his final interpretation. The differences were magical, inspirational - and achievable. On the following pages, he explained how he captured the photos and the steps he took in the darkroom to create the final result.

Yes, in the darkroom! I said this was quite a few years ago!

Around 12 months after reading Eddie's book, I was standing on a stage having won the 1995 AIPP Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year award. I'd submitted four prints that were heavily inspired by Eddie's approach.

Those ideas completely transformed my life. 

Following this initial success, my photography continued to develop in the digital realm and I began working with leading camera and software manufacturers around the world - Canon, Adobe, Phase One, Nik Software. They liked the way I worked.

I attribute this and hundreds of other great experiences to my involvement with magazines, not because I was writing them, but because of the ideas and inspiration I was exposed to. The same ideas and inspiration that every subscriber gets to read in Better Photography.

And that's why I'm still passionate about photography magazines. Better Photography is written by professional and enthusiast photographers who are willing to share their ideas and inspiration, which in turn provides the catalyst for readers to transform their own photography.

Most of us love the idea of buying a new camera, but once purchased, what are we going to photograph with it? How are we going to use it? And how will it help us take better photographs without better ideas?

This is the concept behind every issue of Better Photography magazine. We follow a carefully planned strategy of sharing ideas and techniques. 

A subscription to Better Photography (including its extensive back issues archive) will give you a decade of the best ideas, collated by me and a team of expert writers and photographers.

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That's $600 value for just $49.80

Remember, it only takes one idea to transform your photography. Imagine how hundreds of great ideas from our archive could help you!

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