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Use the slider to show the original image compared to how it was edited in Lightroom.
Is this the type of editing you'd like to do with your own photographs?

If there were a simple approach to photo editing that transformed your images into masterpieces, would you be interested?

Even better, what if you could use this approach without having to learn Photoshop and layers because it can all be done in Lightroom?

And what if this approach were so ridiculously simple you wondered why you hadn’t learnt it before?

My name is Peter Eastway and if you Google me, you’ll learn that people consider me a bit of an expert in post-production. And what I’ve discovered is that photographers want to learn how all the different tools operate in Lightroom, but forget the fundamental ingredient.

And that ingredient is creativity. Your creativity, not mine, but the Lightroom Atelier course will show you exactly what you need to do to transform your raw files into professionally edited masterpieces, all within Lightroom.

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Some photographs only require one or two adjustments to be improved, others take a little more work.

There are lots of courses that teach how to use Lightroom practically, so now it’s time to harness your imagination and use Lightroom creatively.

  • Do you wonder how other photographers create images with a special sparkle that yours don’t have (yet)?
  • Do you need a process that will take your photos from average to amazing, every time?
  • Are you struggling to use Lightroom creatively?
  • The Lightroom Atelier has your answers!

Did you know that your camera is designed to take ‘average’ photographs? Seriously! And this isn’t a criticism because cameras are truly amazing, but they have no idea what you’re photographing or why, so the best they can do is provide an average result that looks pretty good. On average.

What your camera can never do is interpret your photos creatively. It will never suggest you darken down a sky or lighten up a face – it can’t. But just by looking at your photos, you can easily see what needs to be done, you just don’t know how to do it yet!

The good news is that creative Lightroom is straightforward to learn with the right teacher.

Editing photos in Lightroom needn’t take hours and hours – you can finish your images in just a few minutes if you know how.

And rather than it being unethical to edit and improve your photographs, it’s what famous photographers have been doing ever since photography was invented! Even in the old darkrooms!

In fact, if you’re not editing your photographs creatively, you’re letting yourself down.

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How far would you like to take your photographs in terms of creativity?

I realise all this might sound a little daunting if you’re just learning Lightroom. On the other hand, if you’ve already been playing in Lightroom, it should sound incredibly exciting to use the controls in a more creative way. And I promise you that watching my videos will make using Lightroom incredibly easy to use – it will just click!

Check out the first lesson in the Lightroom Atelier for free - click here.

This series of movies isn’t about applying pre-sets and speed editing all your photographs with the click of a mouse, hoping that one or two of them will look good. Sure, you can work this way, but it’s completely missing the point. The Lightroom Atelier is for photographers who want to take their very best raw files and turn them into gob-smackingly amazing photographs.

However, I realise our time is valuable, so you won’t be spending hours and hours on a file. Within a few minutes you will have made both global and selective changes using the techniques outlined in the Lightroom Atelier. And they’ll be so polished and refined, your friends will think you’ve hired a professional retouched to help!

And in a way, you have! But after I’ve shown you these creative techniques, you’ll be comfortably working on your own, secure in the knowledge that you have the skills to interpret and refine any image you want. Okay, almost any image because if I’m honest, there are still one or two raw files that are stumping me and perhaps I need to go back and photograph them differently!

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Each Atelier movie can be played and re-played so you get to understand exactly how
Peter achieves his edits in Lightroom.

Does this sound far fetched? Are you concerned that high-level editing in Lightroom is beyond you?

A number of years ago, I was in Las Vegas giving a presentation to around 1000 photographers, describing my approach to image editing (the same approach I outline in the Lightroom Atelier). Afterwards, one of my friends overheard someone in the audience complaining that my approach was too simple! I had to think about this for a little while, but I realised that this photographer was searching for complicated answers to what are really quite simple techniques. Yes, my approach is incredibly simple – and anyone can learn it.

After watching the Lightroom Atelier, you will be confident that:

  • You have interpreted the exposure and contrast correctly;
  • Optimised the colour balance to match your subject;
  • Refined your highlights and shadows, creating the right balance of information and mystery;
  • Used selective editing to focus the viewer’s attention on what part of the subject is important to you;
  • Be confident that your technique is ‘invisible’ to the casual observer.

The secret to editing great photographs isn’t in how much time you slave over a computer monitor, it’s what you do in that time that matters. Start the rest of your photography life with clear instructions that will save you time, make you more productive and, most importantly, produce a creative result you’re really proud of.

Most other courses don’t teach the secret ingredients of creativity, but isn’t this what using Lightroom is all about? Don’t waste time aimlessly moving the sliders around, learn an approach to editing in Lightroom that will see you creating the photographs you always imagined.

Specially Designed

The Lightroom Atelier includes two key approaches for explaining and demystifying my approach to creative editing. Most important is my creative approach, showing how images can be transformed from the mundane to the spectacular and the ideas behind the changes. The second approach is how the most important Lightroom tools work – so this will be revision for more advanced photographers, but an integral component of the Atelier for photographers who are just learning Lightroom.

Who is this course for?

The Lightroom Atelier will benefit both beginner and advanced photographers in different ways.

  • Advanced photographers will learn how to use their existing Lightroom skills more creatively.
  • Learner photographers will be taught Lightroom’s essential tools and techniques.
  • And Photoshop workers will discover how Lightroom can be used to do many of the things they are using Photoshop for now – such as layer effects and selective editing. 

Have you taken online courses before, but you’re still not creating the photos you imagine? Chances are those courses were teaching you the mechanics of using Lightroom, but not a creative philosophy or approach to photography, with Lightroom as the tool. This is the difference you’ll find in the Lightroom Atelier. It’s not just how to use the sliders, but how to approach the creative process itself.

Watch how a range of different subjects can be transformed from standard captures into artistic interpretations.

Many photographers believe that the only way to edit your files properly is with Photoshop, but this isn’t true. Lightroom was designed by the developers of Photoshop to do many of the same things, only more quickly and efficiently. And while it’s true there are some advanced techniques that you can’t replicate in Lightroom, all of the important techniques are available within Lightroom – if you just understand how to approach creative editing.

What This Course Will Teach You?

The Lightroom Atelier will show you:

  • The exact techniques I use every time to edit my photographs to a professional standard.
  • How to use contrast instead of exposure to produce photographs with power and impact.
  • Optimising your exposures with global highlight and shadow control for a professional finish.
  • Use the power of Photoshop layers and masks easily in Lightroom.
  • How to access selective colour and why it creates stronger compositions.
  • Power techniques for retouching the eyes for catchlights and sparkle.
  • The concept of ‘dodging and burning’ without layers in Lightroom.
  • How far you can push your photos and still produce amazing results.

This course isn’t for everyone. Here’s who shouldn’t purchase the Lightroom Atelier:

  • Photographers who only use their smartphones – this course is for serious photographers.
  • Photographers who are looking for automatic presets and filters – automation is wonderful, but don’t hand over your creativity to a faceless computer programmer who has no idea what you’re trying to achieve!
  • Photographers who don’t want to think about their images. This course isn’t going to help you. In fact, we doubt any course will! 

So, if my focus is on the creative use of Lightroom, does this mean I’m not teaching you how to use the various tools and panels that make Lightroom such an effective editing tool? Each of the ten lessons comprises a creative video and a practical video. In the practical videos, I’ll explain my techniques for:

  • Setting up Lightroom catalogues and ingesting (importing) raw files.
  • The practical way to use the Basic Panel for global editing changes
  • How to use the clarity and dehaze tools without making your edits look horrible!
  • Both corrective and creative use of the transform tools and when to use them.
  • Stitching panoramas within Lightroom and then editing the DNG file.
  • Creating HDRs within Lightroom and understanding when you need to use it.

You can checkout a sample lesson for free - click here.

And it won’t take you long to master Lightroom creatively! The Lightroom Atelier comprises 23 videos and around 3.5 hours of material. You can download the videos to your local device for offline viewing and it’s a lifetime online subscription.

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What's In The Lightroom Atelier?

There are ten lessons comprising two or three video presentations. Each lesson describes the creative approach used to edit and transform one of Peter's photographs, followed up by the 'technique' required. In this way you get the best of both worlds. If you already know how to use Lightroom, you'll just need to watch the creative video, but if you're still learning Lightroom, then the technique videos will be really helpful.

Here's a snapshot of what is covered.



Catalogs, Ingesting, Pushing the Limits


Mastering the Basic Panel.

Dynamic Range

Shadow and highlight control.


Photoshop-like creative control.


More Photoshop-like Masking Control.

Fine Brushwork

Enhancing the Eyes, Small Masks.


Constructive Colour Control


Fertile Clarity and Dehaze Techniques.


Fine Tuning Stitching and HDR.


Is there a specific order for viewing the content?

The courses can be viewed in numerical order - and this is a good idea because sometimes content in later chapters builds on what has already been covered. However, there's nothing stopping you from looking around and picking out something that appeals to you right now. After all, the subscription lasts a lifetime, so you can really view the content in any order you wish.

Can I view a course more than once?

You can view the content as many times as you like. In fact, we would recommend that some of the lessons should be watched two or maybe three times to ensure you understand them. Don't be shy! It took Peter years to wrap his head around all this stuff, so if it takes you a couple of viewings to catch on, you're doing really well!

How long does a subscription last?

Subscriptions last a lifetime - meaning you subscribe once and then you have access forever. You can also download much of the content for storage on your own device and for offline viewing - but we request that it is only used by you personally. If others wish to view the content, we'd encourage them to purchase their own copy (family members and close friends excepted, of course!)

How long will it take to complete the course?

The time it takes to view and learn the content is completely up to you, the student. You can binge watch everything, which isn't a bad idea because you can always return to review and refresh your memory at any time. Others might like to do a chapter or video each day or each week, but we would encourage you to make a plan to go through the entire program. For instance, one chapter a week would be a good starting point!

How Do I View The Content?

All the content can be viewed online and movies can also be downloaded to your computer or device for off-line use. We use a content management system that restricts access to the content unless you have a valid subscription, but the first chapter in each subscription can be viewed for free!

Can I view on my phone or tablet?

This site has been optimised for all platforms - meaning you can access the content using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If using a tablet or smartphone, consider turning your device on its side to maximise the image area.

How Do I Subscribe?

Click on the Subscriptions menu item on the left and you will be taken to our Subscriptions page. Choose the subscription you're interested in and follow the prompts to make payment using Paypal (which also allows you to pay with Visa or MasterCard). After payment is confirmed, you will have immediate access to the content.


Incredible Value For Money!

A one-on-one mentoring session with Peter Eastway for half a day is priced at $995. You can also attend seminars and workshops for hundreds of dollars - so when you look at the expertise and knowledge available right here, it's incredibly good value!

The secrets and skills you'll share in the Lightroom Atelier come from nearly forty years of first-hand professional experience, from working in the darkroom all the way to editing in Lightroom! And we're so sure you'll truly benefit from the Lightroom Atelier we have an unconditional money-back guarantee!

Plus, to celebrate our new education website, for a short time we're offering a 40% discount, so instead of $129, you'll pay just $77.40 - use the coupon code 'Creative'.

What are you waiting for! Subscribe and learn how to create better, more imaginative photographs in Lightroom right now!



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